User identification - Swipe Card

Manufacturer: HBC Radiomatic

Radio control with personal profile!

The user identification function enables personalization of the radio control as well as the storage of user profiles in the radio system. The new development offers many additional advantages, such as restricting safetyrelevant functions to unauthorized personnel. This results in efficient protection of operators. For the carrier of the system, the stored user data is of particular interest: After the log-in, the system starts the user-related storage of all operating processes as well as the respective on-time of the system. This data can be read from the system and shows how long the crane / machine was in use and how the individual operators used the various functions of the control.

  • Maintenance group knows how many hours the machine has been used
  • Restriction of vital functions to authorized personal only.
  • Controlling traceability and referring to users habits.
  • Several possible access levels and enterance authorizations configurable.
  • Real-time data logging via CAN interface module.
  • User specific data along with machine operations are logged, time stamped and stored in real time on SD-card.
  • Machine use analysis / visualization.
  • Allows rental companies to view the hours the can was used and by which user.
  • Available for transmitters  micron 5, micron 7, spectrum 1, spectrum 2 and spectrum D.

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