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TRUNINGER scrap magnets are impact-resistant, by virtue of their rugged, fully welded design and lightweight aluminium coils, which are embedded in a shock-absorbing, insulating material. A long useful life of these scrap magnets is thus guaranteed.
The latest "SmartPick™” controller is also utilized on the latest generation scrap magnets. In a cabinet measuring just 1100 x 650 x 200 mm and weighing only 50 kg, TRUNINGER has packed a level of performance and ease of operation, unequalled in this price category. SmartPick™ controllers, for scrap handling applications, feature (as standard):
The SmartPick™ module:
  • Easy integration into any crane or mobile machine system
  • Worldwide compatibility (CAN, Profibus or relay interface)
  • BluetoothTM radio interface for remote access to operation/system information
  • Unhindered condition monitoring during magnet operation by means of a laptop at ground level
  • Blackbox recorder for the precise reconstruction of system errors
  • Full text display for system monitoring and fault diagnostics
The PowerPick™ module:
  • Fastest magnetising and demagnetising on the world market - typically less than 2 seconds
  • Powerful magnetising up to 2.4 Tesla (saturation of steel)
  • Most exact current resolution to demagnetise below 0.001 Tesla (10 Gauss). Metal chips no longer adhere to the loads being handled
  • Sealed housing with the latest cooling technology holding high-performance electronics that provide fault-free operation in dusty, damp and hot conditions
  • Monitoring of the magnet coil temperatures and automatic shut-down if temperatures become critical
General Operating Capabilities:
  • Over excitation system to provide higher levels of magnet power when picking product
  • Non-contactor control to provide the utmost in reliability
  • Automatic switching to 100% power after the initial 60% lift
  • Comprehensive magnet status indication systems for operator and ground level personnel
  • Full visual and aural warning systems to warn of any detected system errors
  • Monitoring of generator speed and starting lock-out, if the generator speed varies from the “set-point” range
  • Protection type IP54 for outdoor use

The following features are also available as Options for Scrap handling applications:
  • Partial load option - With this unit the lifting power of the magnet can be set to 10 different levels from the control station
  • Separation option - Permits infinitely variable reduction of the magnet's lifting power, until anyexcessive amount of material has fallen off the magnet
  • “Downcycle Degauss System” - Operator or automatically selected increased de-magnetisingcycle for loads with special steels.
  • Battery back-up for load retention in the event of mains power loss.


    Weights of Magnet Heads:

    Small core size for given handling capacity
    Larger core size for the same handling capacity.

    Larger dead weights for EPM's may necessitate the use of larger hoist machineries, crane structures, travel drives, runways, power supplies, building structures and mobile machines. In high duty, production environments the additional costs for cranes, machinery and building structures could be substantial.

    Physical Size of Magnet Heads:

    Small overall dimensions due to the smaller core size.
    Larger physical dimensions due to the bigger core size.

    Increased storage density with EM's, as the larger physical size of EPM's dictates a need for increased floospace requirements, given the same product range.

    Magnet Costs:

    Lower costs due to the use of steel in the core manufacture.
    Higher cost due to the use of Alnico magnet core material.

    Repair & replacement costs for EPM's may be higher. Likelihood dependant on operator performance and environmental issues (plant design, obstructions, atmospheric conditions, etc).

    De-magnetising Time:

    Fast "Reverse Degauss System" (RDS) .
    Slow, pulse de-magnetising only.

    Increased productivity with EM's, due to the much faster de-magnetising characteristics.


    Magnetic flux molecular structure more resilient to impact. The magnet coils are housed in impact absorbing compound.
    The Alnico cores are very brittle when compared to steel cores, so have less impact resistance. The magnetic flux molecular structure is far more prone to impact disruption.

    Higher reliability of product handling with EM's, due to the more ductile nature of the construction materials and the better impact absorbing properties. With higher reliability, productivity is increased and repair costs are minimised. Safer handling characteristics give operators more confidence, thereby also increasing productivity.

    Power Consumption:

    Power consumption for a given load of approx half that required for an EPM
    Approx twice the power requirement, for a given load, compared to EM's.

    EM's require a maximum of only 60% of the power consumption required by EPM's. The higher power consumption of EPM's means increased sizing of cabling, cable reelers, downshop power supply systems and space for control/power equipment. This increases the costs for the overall installation, as well as increasing the on-going running costs and greenhouse emission levels, created by the elevated power requirements.

TRUNINGER STANDARD SCRAP MAGNETS                                                                                             SCRAP-PAGE3_1.jpg

TRUNINGER scrap magnets are available in two types.
The “LW” type for lesser demanding applications
The “HE” type for mill and other extremely arduous operating conditions.

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